Godspeed 。 No Way Out 。 Kindred 。 Witch at the Beach 。 Anti-Bully 。 Forbidden Fruit

[ Godspeed ]

"Godspeed" is about a mother and her son saying goodbye to each other at the airport. The son wants to have a goodbye hug but the non-expressive mother does not respond to his request. She is being indifferent on the outside and emotionally conflicted in her heart.



  • Bonnie 2.0 and Kyle Rigs courtesy of Josh Sobel

  • Lindsey and Zoey Rigs courtesy of characterrigs.com


[ No Way Out ]

"No Way Out" is a story about a girl, Amelia, who fights her way to save herself from being devoured by the child-eating witch.



  • Kayla and Arc the Dragon Rigs courtesy of Josh Sobel

  • Background courtesy of Di Xiao

[ Kindred ]

"Kindred" is a story about a soldier being hunted by a mystical being in the forest, based on League of Legends 2-minute short read, "Forest for the Trees".

[ Witch at the Beach ]

"Witch at the Beach" is about a cleaning lady in a dirty beach who also happens to be a witch.

[ Anti-Bully ]

"Anti-Bully" is story about a politician, a parrot, a boy and a forest.

[ Forbidden Fruit ]

"Forbidden Fruit" is a role-reversal story based on Genesis from the Bible.